About Lora Teagarden

So, this is me. I grew up in a small town just outside
of 2012-10-14_14-09-30-1Indianapolis, attended Ball State University for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Architecture, moved around a lot after grad school, and had some great personal and career adventures and experiences because of it. I’m currently back in Indianapolis, trying to give the Indy architecture market a fair shake.

This business, and website, began from a need for an additional creative outlet. Art, design, and architecture have always been a dream and passion of mine, from as early as I can remember. As an adult, I added owning and managing a business to that list of dreams. There’s something satisfying and significant about both being a steward and creating a legacy, but that’s a topic for later. I think designs and dreams are always worth sharing, both with those who share your passion as well as those who are just learning about the subject you hold dear.

Fair warning, grammar critics: There will be a lot of “I”, and other first person pronoun usage here because the work and ideas are mine and do not represent anyone or anything else besides me and my business. I hope you learn from these critiques on the profession, designs, and ramblings that come from late night ideas. More than that, I hope they inspire you to dream and create yourself, or invest in my dreams and creations. I am, after all, a designer for hire.

Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me if something inspires you or you would like to collaborate/need help with a design.


Lora Teagarden, AIA


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