Art by the lovely Ashleigh Lay

*Art by the lovely Ashleigh Lay

The #ArchitectsTravelingLibrary started from conversations with friends about good, energizing books to read about architecture, design, and business. It is a growing “pay it forward”-style lending library, with a new book being release each month. You receive the books via media mail, can read them at your leisure (but please don’t dally or hoard them), and then snap a pic and upload it to Instagram using the #ArchitectsTravelingLibrary tag to let the next person claim it. Then take it to the post office and ship it and off it goes! (minimal cost)

You can click on the books below to see where they’ve journeyed so far and who has read them. If you would like to request one that you see below, search the hashtag #ArchitectsTravelingLibrary on Instagram or click on the book below to see where it currently is.

If you’d like to donate a book to keep the library growing, snap a pic of the book and upload to Instagram or Twitter and include the hashtag #ArchitectsTravelingLibrary or contact me.

  Book 1




Book 2



Book 3


Book 4

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